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About Us

Day 91 Consulting is a Management Consultancy that is made up of a team of former CEOs and HR Executives. Each consultant is a former client who experienced the transformative impact of using the Predictive Index in our businesses. We all bring a passion around the impact the simple behavioral and cognitive assessments can have for managers and leaders of an organization.


We use The Predictive Index toolset as a foundation for our services including Training, Coaching and Organizational Development. All of our consultants are Certified in the Talent Optimization program.  When your organization aligns its Business Strategy with its People Strategy you can achieve exceptional results.

We spend much of our day in the workplace whether that is an office, in the field or in a factory or warehouse. People do their best when they are in the right role, find meaning in their work and feel supported by their managers and peers. Day 91 Consulting can help you create the right culture for Better People, Better Leaders, Better Lives.

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Beth Friel - CEO
Beth is the CEO of Day 91 Consulting. For the past 11 years Beth has focused on helping organizations use the Predictive Index® tools to improve and transform their cultures by using data for hiring, retention, team building, succession planning and Management Training. Prior to her involvement with Predictive Index, Beth held Senior Management roles in both large and small companies, primarily in technology and consulting. Several of these companies realized liquidity events for their owners and employees. She holds a degree in Economics from The University of Michigan.

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Kathy Stecky – Executive Consultant

Kathy is an Executive Consultant with Day 91 Consulting. Throughout her 20+ year career in human resources and business consulting, she has worked closely with CEOs and other executives from many industries to improve bottom-line results by leveraging organizational talent.  She has seen first-hand the impact Predictive Index can have on advancing talent acquisition and management efforts since she became a trained PI analyst in 2015.

A native of Cleveland, Kathy earned her bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University and her master’s degree in management, labor relations and human resources from Cleveland State University. 


Jill Windelspecht – Executive Consultant
Jill is an Executive Consultant with Day 91 Consulting. She works with executives and business owners to reach their potential and help create organizational climates that lead to lifelong prosperity. As a former client and experienced Predictive Index Consultant and trainer, Jill understands how to apply the PI tools to organizations better understand their people, their potential and create lasting cultural change.
Jill brings over 20 years of experience in talent management and organization effectiveness, working in both regional and global organizations. She holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior with Pfeiffer University, Executive Masters in Neuroleadership with NeuroLeadership Institute, a BS in Psychology and
Sociology with Michigan State University

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