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Talent Experts

Empower your organization’s experts to drive change and build a better workforce. Learn how to apply PI’s methodology and take your business to the next level. 

Becoming a PI Practitioner

Leaders and Managers

Learn how to become a transformational leader by mastering relationship development and building positive team dynamics.

Inspire to Perform


Learn how to make your teams more productive by understanding their natural strengths and how to leverage those strengths to achieve more signifcan results.

Understanding Team Dynamics

Training Options

Training can be done in person or virtually.  Virtual training is done in half day segments.

The goal of this 2 day workshop is to empower your people to use the PI tools in all phases of people management from hiring to development to succession.

The goal of this 1 day workshop is to give managers the tools to adapt the way they work to increase engagement and achieve results through their people.

The goal of this half day workshop is help team members understand each other's styles and how to better interact and communicate for excellent team performance.

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