PI Strategy Assessment

The Strategy Assessment

The Strategy Assessment consists of two questions. The first asks respondents to identify which statements best reflect their organization's top strategic priorities. The second asks them to rank their confidence in the organization’s ability to complete those selected statements. Each statement is associated with one of four strategies: cultivating, exploring, stabilizing, and producing.


Most organizations will have a business strategy that focuses on one or two of the following strategy types, with less strongly expressed elements of the remaining types.


Pursues new opportunities and investigates potential

innovations.Success: the ability to bring new products or services to fruition.


Focuses on the commitment, loyalty, and morale of employees.

Success: high levels of employee engagement.


Tends toward improving the efficiency and predictability of services and offerings.

Success: coaxing higher performance out of existing offerings.


Driven by accumulating customers and building reputation.

Success: market penetration and increased market share.

Why does it matter?

When leadership team members agree and align on strategy, they can drive toward common goals more efficiently. The PI Strategy Assessment is an integral part of the Design aptitude of the talent optimization discipline.